Electronics Hardware Design...

With over 30 years experience in electronic product design for the industrial control marketplace, BitS can take your product developmentsa from initial concept through to production and marketing.

Previous experience includes...

  • Microprocessor development: We have applied a number of microprocessor families including Atmel, Motorola, Intel and Hitachi families, and can quickly adapt to new technologies as they emerge. Previous applications have ranged from toys to total factory control.
  • HMI products: We have a wealth of experience in the development of industrial Human-Machine-Interface products and their applications in industrial control.
  • Moisture sensors:8 years experience of microwave moisture sensor development and applications expertise for measuring moisture content of bulk materials.

We are also used to designing to meet Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) and Low Voltage Directive (LVD) requirements and will work with local test houses to ensure compliance.